Diocletian in Edmonton

This is an account of my days and ways, of my life here in Edmonton.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Various things

Where to begin?

I've met someone really neat online. I think that she really likes me, but it's hard to say, as she's got a tendency to pull my leg on occasion.

I like her, and really look forward to meeting her when she comes into our city in June. She is intelligent and playful, and very pretty. She's currently travelling overseas, in southeast Asia. She's quite the adventurer, and is fascinated by other cultures.

I have to write something for her -- she requested this specifically -- but I have to decide what.

She wants me to tell her a story....

She says that she doesn't take online stuff seriously, so I guess I shouldn't be too optimistic -- and of course we don't really know each other.

Still, I guess I'm a bit of a dreamer when it comes to these things.

The court stuff is still dragging on. I got a phone call from the guy's parole officer earlier today. I'll have to get back to her and see what's up. Hopefully something positive (for both him and myself) will come of it.

I spoke with my folks and sister the other day. Apparently things have been rough for her, I didn't know how much so. I haven't been keeping as closely in touch with my family as I should. I've become very distant, perhaps as a reaction to how I grew up (though that's no excuse for selfishness). I am very self-regarding at times, and don't think about those I should make a priority.

My housemate has been doing a lot of work around the house. I feel bad for not being more active in that. I also still need to do up the utilities, too, and am behind now a few months on the minutes. I think that other people on the board are not impressed.

My other housemate is ill right now, we're not sure what. I think everyone is really hoping that it's a viral bug and that it'll pass in a couple days. She's really in a lot of pain, and I'm not sure what we can or should do.

I've been trying to help a friend get signatures for her passport, but no luck as yet.

Finally, I did go down to Calgary for the Calgary Anarchist Bookfair. I sold very little, but had a really good time. I've actually got a lot more respect and understanding for the Haymarket people and what they're trying to do (set up an anarchist bookstore in Calgary). They're a good bunch, I think, and they've put a lot of work into their bookstore planning. I feel like a washout myself, in terms of book vending.

Calgary's also a beautiful city, and I like that there are hills there.

Finally, bought a couple new shirts, and went and had a few drinks last night. It was a bit of a stress reliever, after some tension the previous day, and trouble with our plumbing.