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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Another day...

...lost another dollar.

Seriously, things have been going all right, but the call of finding a new job to help pay for student loans is becoming increasingly loud and demanding. The thing is, though I'm hardly in a higher income bracket, the more I make the poorer I am.

Ah, well, I have four square and a roof and occasionally money for other things. I'm a total spendthrift, too, so I'm my own victim to a large extent.

In other news, I've been chasing members of the opposite sex, oocasionally they've been chasing me, but Fortune and Venus, the two guiding forces of my life, haven't seen fit to hook me up into anything resembling a stable, happy relationship. Alas, and I'm such an affable man.

I was thinking about things a lot very early this morning. I feel very sad, and also that I've behaved in a callow manner in the past. Life is full of regrets, at least for me.


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