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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hurried update


There've been a lot of things that I've been meaning to add to my 'blog over the last few weeks, but haven't gotten around to. I'll do that when I can. I always seem to be in the wrong mood when I get to my 'blog.

Anyway, I had the strangest dream Tuesday night. I was promoted to the level of Senior Interviewer at my workplace, a post that I've never really wanted. My friend Kirsten's brother, Evan, was in charge of training me. He does not work for Statscan in real life. He was very officious and goal-based, a real overachiever. He was sort of reaming me out, I think. I then was on the job, but was unhappy -- would I get all my breaks, as a Senior Interviewer? Would my work hours be longer? Then I realized that I wouldn't really have to interview people on the phone, but lo and behold, I was still stuck interviewing people. I think that I took one of my breaks in my dream, but felt uneasy. I was also concerned and surprised at the lack of notice or real training.

Other things... I went for a late lunch with someone I know on Tuesday. It was kind of neat. We talked a lot, wandered a bit down Whyte Avenue, checked out Ten Thousand Villages. I'm a bit worried that I dragged the visit out a bit, as I can sometimes do (this section edited a bit since first posted).

The problem with not writing every day is that it's hard to come back to things several days later.

I'll write more later, when I've got a bit more time!


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